We went live. And what a night it was!

For those of you who missed out, our theme for We Are Live this year was all about what change is still needed to progress finance, and what we can do to make it happen. To help give us focus, we pulled four key themes out of last year’s Evolution event, which were talent, education, profession, and new business. As part of The Verve Foundation, we appointed four ambassadors from within The Verve Group to lead one of these streams each, make a plan of action and begin to harness the collective energy and passion within finance, to make a real difference.

Hayley, Head of Verve Services is incredibly passionate about educating the masses on all things finance. She has some exciting plans in the works to engage with the younger generation on how to manage their finances (as well as how exciting a career in the industry can be!), support people to improve their financial health, and support vulnerable people to become more financially independent.

Her 2022 mission is to…

  • Better equip people with knowledge.
  • Help financial education be more accessible.
  • Help vulnerable people become more independent.

Is financial education a personal passion of yours too? If so, Hayley wants to talk with you. If you think you can pledge an hour of your time to make a difference, drop her a line here to get involved.

An advocate for talent development and positive and engaging culture, Natalie, Director of Culture and Engagement, plans on using her skills to both attract and retain fresh new talent into the industry.

Her 2022 mission is to…

  • Shine a spotlight on the wide range of careers available in financial services.
  • Shout loud and proud about the industry (and get others to do the same!).
  • Champion modern culture changes to ensure diverse talent is retained.

If this is a passion of yours too, it would be great if you could share your career story and tell Natalie about your role and the journey you’ve taken to get here – everyone’s is unique, and she wants to hear them. Just drop Natalie a line here.

Profession or industry? That’s the question Maddie, Head of Regulatory Support is asking. As a true professional and ambassador of all things financial services, Maddie is on a mission to change the narrative of financial services and drive an improvement in behaviours and governance so it’s reflective of a positive profession to be part of.

Her 2022 mission is to…

  • Encourage a better perception of the industry we operate in.
  • Build each other up and become a united profession.
  • Work with providers and the regulator to encourage change.

Are you like Maddie, sick of financial services getting a bad press? She’ll be conducting an industry survey soon to get your views, but her emails are always open to hear your personal frustrations. Get in touch with her here.

There are no surprises who is championing this cause, tenacious entrepreneur, Cathi needs no other introduction. She gets her kicks supporting people and helping businesses thrive. Cathi is keen to share her personal experience of creating (and still managing!) a group of businesses to support and enable others who are at the start of their journey.

Her 2022 mission is to…

  • Build a business incubator to springboard new start-ups.
  • Resource new start-ups with new financial services entrants via We Are Change.
  • Change the face of finance.

Are you thinking of setting up on your own or looking for a professional mentor? Drop her a line here to learn more about the Adviser Incubator.

It looks like it’s going to be a busy 2022 here at The Verve Group, but if you think you can help in any way or have an equal passion for changing the face of finance then please do get involved in any of the above to help us make a difference.