Just when you thought we couldn’t spoil you anymore with our snazzy technology, we’ve done it again! Introducing, the Apricity app!

We’ve partnered up with intelliflo to give you a brand new app that integrates the two systems together, giving you a shiny new streamlined experience when it comes to managing your file checks. The benefits are endless, but we’ve summarised just a few to help get you excited…

Time-saving – Skip the middle man (being your downloads folder) and transfer your documents straight from intelliflo over to the Apricity system.

Security – Benefit from the end-to-end security provided by both intelliflo and Apricity as they work together hand in hand to store your documents.

Ease of use – Set up the integration and within a few clicks, your intelliflo documents will be in the Apricity system without ever having to leave!

Prevent the clutter – Gone are the days of filling up your downloads folder simply to move your documents from one place to the other. Now you can move between A(pricity) to B seamlessly 😉

Sounds good, right?! Well, you can now install the app via the intelliflo app store here. What are you waiting for…