Emotional Wellbeing

Vitality’s key aim is to support and encourage good health – both physically and emotionally. We chose Lutine as our Death in Service scheme partner because of their ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ (EAP), specifically so, because you and your colleagues can access their emotional and wellbeing support programme (via BHSF).

We know that life can sometimes get overwhelming and worries can all too easily consume us, so it’s important to us that you feel supported. BHSF is a group of counsellors and psychotherapist who are all trained to talk you through any challenges you’re facing either at home or in work – whether it be helping you to understand a problem, making a tough decision, trying a different approach or just learning how to cope with a difficult situation.

Be assured that it is truly confidential and as your employer, we will remain unaware of who, why, how, when the team is accessing the support. That said, if and when you do feel like you want to share, we’d very much invite you to have a conversation with someone you feel comfortable with (perhaps a close work friend) or one of our qualified mental health first aiders (Natalie, Jo, Fran, Lindsey and Megan).

How do I access the programme?

One of two ways – either on the phone to speak to counsellor or online to view a wide range of self-help workbooks if you’d rather an independent approach. Both are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Download the leaflet here for more information.

What can I expect?

The programme is based on self-referrals so whenever you feel the need to talk through a problem confidentially, give the number a call. They’ll take a couple of details from you in the first instance and then get you booked in with one of their counsellors. When you speak with your counsellor, they advise on what they think your support could look like moving forward – for example, is it 4 weekly calls or just a one-off, ‘in the moment’, call.


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