28 May

Howwow Online: The One for Administrators and Client Service Teams

While we know that many Administrators and Client Support team members are part of the Powwow community, we’ve never run an event specifically for you; focusing on you and your role. Until now.

We think there’s lots of common ground with Paraplanners, but we’re also 99.9% certain there are things that are specific to your role that you want to talk about. So that’s what this Howwow is about.

In a Powwow first, we’re joined by a panel of experienced administration and client support professionals in an hour long online Howwow talking about their roles.

We’re hoping the discussion will roam far and wide into the issues that affect you. But we have an inkling it will definitely include:

  • Best part of your role.
  • Common issues – including but not limited to what it’s like doing your job in the current situation.
  • Remote working challenges and opportunities.
  • Tools and tips that have made life easier.
  • One piece of advice from each panel member that they are following in their own career.
  • Support available to Administrators and client service roles.
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28th May 2020

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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