08 Sep

IFW Wellbeing Café: lunchtime webinar

Welcome to the new IFW Wellbeing Café – which will be opening its virtual doors, ready to greet our members this September. (if you’re not a member then please join us here ).

It will be a great place to discover and deepen your understanding of what Financial Wellbeing is all about.

Each month, our virtual Wellbeing Café will host a free, member-only, 30-minute lunchtime webinar. Each one will cover a wide range of topics all under the banner of Financial Wellbeing.

Bring along a coffee, and come join us in the Wellbeing Café for our first lunchtime webinar on 8th September at 1pm, delivered by Dr. Anne Abbenes, of the Financial Psychology Institute of Europe, about ‘How to Apply Financial Psychology in a Financial Advice Practice’.

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8th September 2020

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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