20 Feb

Paraplanners Powwow North of the Border – Glasgow

What’s it all about?

Don’t miss out on Glasgow’s parpalanner meet-up on Thursday 20th February, 2-5pm!

Here’s a quick refresh of what a Powwow is. A Powwow is an informal gathering for paraplanners to exchange views, learn things, fix things and share things. If you are a paraplanner in Scotland or on the borders then Powwow North of the Border – Glasgow will be right up your street.

What’s up for discussion?

Anything. Ok, that’s not strictly true. It has to be paraplanning related. Because Powwow adopts ‘unconference’ principles, you get to choose the topics you want to discuss with your fellow paraplanners. How do you do that? A survey will be sent out just before the event, so if there is anything that’s been bugging you or there’s something you want to pick the brain of your fellow paraplanners on, then that’s the time to flag it.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet your local paraplanner community and have a good chinwag, sharing ideas and top tips on any aspect of paraplanning.

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20th February 2020

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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