31 Mar

Regulation, Financial Services and Customer Centricity

The financial services industry is torn between the twin disruptions of rapidly-changing consumer expectations, and the equally rapid advance of regulation.

But do these two forces always need to be in opposition? Or is there a way for financial services to align the goals of regulations with customer demand?

Exploring the regulations that matter most and how they affect the industry, this talk will look at ways to build a customer centric business while still meeting the goals of regulation.

Join this webinar to hear from Del Nadarajah, Director at Deloitte, and Yuelin Li, VP Strategy at Onfido, and learn about:
– Key trends in financial services and regulation
– The evolution of FinCrime
– Which regulations are changing the consumer financial services landscape
– The current state of play in digital identity
– Best practice in customer centricity
– The fragmented customer journey and the future of holistic digital identity approaches

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31st March 2020

3:00 pm - 3:42 pm

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