29 May

TALK: Financial Promotions

Advertising your business, funds and services are a key way to get new business. However, what we say to customers and the way we market ourselves can put us into regulatory hot water.

What we will cover?

We will look at financial promotions, what makes a good one and what pitfalls should be avoided. In particular, we will look at what the regulatory requirements are and how you can ensure that you meet these requirements.

We will also look at what makes a good financial promotions policy, when to include risk warnings and how to ensure that your posts on social media meet their regulatory requirements.

Why should I attend?

The webinar aims to:

· Summarise the key requirements concerning financial promotions.
· Give you an understanding of what makes a good and bad financial promotion.
· Provide an understanding of your regulatory obligations, and how you should record your financial promotion.

Who will be hosting?

This webinar will be hosted by Tom Richmond and Hannah Scott.

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29th May 2020

10:00 am - 11:00 am

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