20 Mar

TALK: How to get great staff… (and keep them!)

Financial services is changing – so how do we attract new talent to the profession? This webinar comes from our Founder & Director, Cathi Harrison, who will explain the methods used across The Verve Group that have encouraged the next generation into financial services. We will also explore the strategies that you could use in your own business.

What we will cover?

We will look at the challenges around recruiting and how to consider the changing world of financial services when trying to recruit new team members. We’ll also cover how to retain your staff once you hire them – discussing the way in which this is currently done by us.

Why should I attend?

The webinar aims to:

  • Explain how to successfully attract new staff to your business.
  • Cover the retention of staff once you have successfully on-boarded them.
  • Look at how financial services has changed as a whole when it comes to recruitment.

Who’s hosting?

This webinar will be hosted by The Verve Group’s very own, Cathi Harrison.

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20th March 2020

10:00 am - 11:00 am

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