31 Mar

The Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus

When the producer of the world’s products closes its borders and ports – what happens to markets? On December 31st, the Coronavirus, or “COVID 19”, was announced to have originated Wuhan, China.

Because of the ease with which the disease was spreading, and in seeking to contain what has turned into a pandemic, the Chinese government issued a mandate to close its cities.

China has a population that travels twice as much as it did in 2003 when SARS happened. They also have massive involvement in global trade. So, investors are trying to identify what they can expect from the economy moving forward and where the opportunities are as the market looks for both short and long-term alternative options for the products and services China has historically provided.

As the market began to price in the news on a daily basis, volatility increased and markets dove into bear market territory.

This webinar will cover the economic effect of the Coronavirus on:
– Stock market dynamics
– Energy and Travel Industries
– Globally-connected supply chains
– Investing alongside Headline risk

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31st March 2020

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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