Build: CIP Strategies

Centralised investment propositions (CIPs) are a core part of most advice propositions. In theory, having set, repeatable processes for client investment selection means firms can ensure consistency of advice across all their advisers, create business efficiencies, and deliver better client outcomes. Join us for a morning of learning where the experts will showcase their knowledge on all things CIPs.

Navigating the minefield – The Verve Group

When constructing a CIP, we are faced with a minefield of investment funds, managed portfolio services, adviser model portfolios, bespoke discretionary portfolios, personal pension funds, smoothed solutions… you get the idea! Negotiating the wide range of choices available and deciding which type of investment strategies are suitable for your clients can be a huge pain point.

Following the session, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the key differences between a number of core investment structures.
  • Justify why certain investment structures may be suitable for differing client needs.

The future of bonds as assets in a diversified portfolio – PIMCO

From 007 to 007%. Bonds have been shaken and stirred. However, it’s worth remembering – they still have a license to thrill!

Much like the James Bond franchise, the bond market entered a transitional period throughout 2022. This transitional period has reset yields at the highest levels for a decade with bonds now looking alluring again. In this presentation, PIMCO will explore the key macro-themes and considerations at this stage of the cycle whilst also considering the forward-looking opportunity set across the fixed interest spectrum.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore market dynamics and returns for the bond market in 2022.
  • Consider the current macro-environment and core factors at play within the bond markets for 2023.
  • Explain current valuations and the forward-looking opportunity set within the bond market.

The 60/40 portfolio is dead? – BlackRock

Inflation, rate hikes, and last year’s bond sell-off had a significant impact on traditional portfolio theory. In this session, BlackRock will examine the intended and unintended consequence of global government and central bank intervention and stimulus, the impact it has had on assets globally and what it means for average the investor’s returns.

Armed with this knowledge they will provide examples of what this means for portfolio construction, opportunities for gains and how a risk (volatility) focused approach to constructing a portfolio could provide a solution to help clients navigate the new market regime we find ourselves in. They will look at the impact of costs as well as the benefits of diversification away from core asset classes into areas such as thematics and commodities. They’ll consider ways to measure and monitor risk and the impact it has on portfolios. They shall also drill into how ESG considerations, and particularly the shift to a Net Zero economy are driving capital commitments.

Even within the seemingly narrow category of low-cost multi-asset funds distributed in the UK, we observe material differences in portfolio construction and implementation practices. It is important for advisers to understand what’s going on under the hood of these strategies in order to ensure their offering to end investors best aligns with their objectives. Whilst in many cases using a single fund range may deliver the desired outcome, in others advisers may wish to blend multi-asset strategies to seek to improve portfolio outcomes. BlackRock will cover illustrative analysis designed to provide advisors with a comparison of different approaches to multi-asset investing, highlighting key areas of consideration.


May 25 2023


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


The Verve Group


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