BUILD: Deep Dive into Adviser Managed Portfolios

In a world of complex financial markets and evolving investment strategies, the concept of adviser managed portfolios has emerged as a popular and effective approach to wealth management. This event is designed to provide financial professionals with valuable insights into the world of adviser managed portfolios. We’ll bring together industry experts to explore the advantages, considerations, and opportunities available.

Thinking outside the box: How Alternative Investments can benefit your portfolio – Schroders

Alternative investments have witnessed a surge in popularity over recent years, owing to their remarkable ability to offer uncorrelated returns and bolster portfolio diversification. Grasping the significance of integrating alternative assets into a multi-asset portfolio serves as a pivotal foundation.

During this session, Schroders will delve into the fundamental aspects of these investments and highlight their disparities when compared to traditional investment avenues. Furthermore, they will provide comprehensive guidance on seamlessly incorporating alternative investments into a portfolio. By emphasising the distinctive traits of alternative investments, Schroders aims to empower investors in attaining amplified diversification and mitigating overall portfolio risk.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the reasons behind the growing popularity of alternative investments and their ability to provide uncorrelated returns.
  2. Recognise the significance of portfolio diversification and the role that alternative assets play in achieving this goal.
  3. Differentiate between alternative investments and traditional investment avenues, highlighting their disparities in terms of characteristics and performance.

Fund research beyond past performance – PIMCO

When conducting fund research and due diligence, there are several key factors that advisers should consider if they plan to construct their own internal models.

One important consideration is how to assess the interaction and correlation between assets within a diversified portfolio. This can help advisers avoid overexposure to a particular asset class or sector and ensure that their portfolios are properly balanced. Additionally, when researching bond funds specifically, advisers should take into account factors such as credit quality, duration, and yield to maturity. These metrics can help advisers identify funds that are well-suited to their client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance levels.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of thorough fund research and due diligence in investment decision-making.
  2. Recognise the significance of assessing the interaction and correlation between assets in a diversified portfolio.
  3. Learn techniques to avoid overexposure to specific asset classes or sectors and achieve proper portfolio balance.

Your own Advisory Managed Portfolio service – Brooks Macdonald

You can no longer simply document what you are doing but must provide evidence, as seen by the fact that evidence is mentioned 60 times within the Consumer Duty PS22/9!

In this session, Brooks Macdonald will delve into the incorporation of asset allocation, risk profiling, and fund research as they adhere to the Consumer Duty requirements. They will shed light on their approach to implementing Model Portfolios, providing insights into their meticulous research process that aligns with the standards set by the Consumer Duty.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding of their adaptability to prevailing market conditions and their strategic investment choices aimed at realising future growth.

Learning objectives:

  • Asset allocation – Why have you chosen to outsource to a third-party risk profiler?
  • Fund selection – Initial and ongoing research, when to rebalance portfolios and investment committee meetings.
  • Implementation – which platform, product availability and governance are required for those implementing portfolio changes?

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Jun 22 2023


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