Ctrl. Alt. Meet.

We’re bringing together tech and finance for the first time in Darlington. Join us for a laidback event with beer and pizzas to see what goes on in finance and tech, and how the two work hand in hand. This event is free to attend.

This event is suitable for anyone in tech (be it digital marketing, dev, design) and anyone in finance (be it personal finance, insurance or asset management).

You’ll hear from two fantastic speakers, one each from finance and technology, who will talk about how the world of fintech is expanding and how you can be a part of it. The future of technology is essential to the growth of the financial services industry, with more and more businesses opting for tech that improves the client journey and experience.

There’ll be plenty of time to network and build up your community – so, get ready to Ctrl. Alt. Meet. as we bring these two huge industries together.

This event is sponsored by Pardoe Wray and Haystack.


Cathi will explore just how much tech has changed finance in the last 10 years. She’ll then look ahead at what the next 10 years may have in store for us, (could roboadvice really be a thing?!)


Rob will discuss how traditional industries like finance are adopting tech to improve their business. He’ll also discuss how industries and businesses are changing as a result of the pandemic, and the changing expectations of employees.

Cathi Harrison, Founder & CEO

The brains behind the Verve Group. With an extensive career in financial services, Cathi is our fearless leader, innovator, and pioneer. She can be found sharing the experience she’s gained first hand and knowledge of financial services across all businesses within the group. Cathi still loves to get her hands dirty and can be found creating new services, hosting events, and writing and designing new content herself.

Rob Simmons, Co-Founder & CTO

Rob is one of Haystack’s three co-founders and is also Chief Technology Officer, working closely on the product management, strategy, and managing the development team. Rob has previously founded two startups, one during his time at Glasgow University while obtaining a Master of Science in Information Technology. Post-graduation, he moved into the world of development and co-founded StreetAway, a two-sided mobile application which connects consumers to local businesses.


May 12 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Verve Group


The Verve Group
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