GROW: Professional Development (January)

Our GROW events take place once a quarter and are designed to give you a varied range of CPD all in one go. This session will be hosted by our Investment Specialist, Alasdair Wilson.


Investment Legal Structures and Suitability – The Verve Group

When constructing a CIP, we face a huge range of investment choices: multi-asset funds, managed portfolio services, adviser model portfolios, bespoke discretionary portfolios, personal pension funds, smoothed solutions… the list goes on! Negotiating the wide range of choices available and deciding which type of investment strategies are suitable for your clients (and client banks) can be a huge challenge.

Following this session you’ll be able to:

  • Articulate the key differences between a number of core investment structures.
  • Justify why certain investment structures may be suitable for differing client needs / segments.

Cash and Opportunity Cost – IBOSS

In this session from IBOSS, Chris Metcalfe and Chris Rush will answer three key questions:

  • Why invest in risk assets if you can get a guaranteed return of 5% in cash accounts?
  • What are the opportunities in bond markets following one of the worst years for bonds on record?
  • Where are the risks and opportunities in equity markets?

Economic Outlook – Timeline

Get the most up-to-date information and insights into the ever-evolving investment landscape.

This session will be packed with insightful content, including detailed economic and investment updates and relevant insights into the key issues that investors and advisers are facing. Laurentius will provide valuable insights into emerging trends, market developments, and investment strategies that can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing investment landscape.


Jan 17 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Verve Group


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