GROW: Professional Development (July 22)

Our GROW events combine two hours of structured CPD with three great speakers, covering three topics. GROW is designed to ensure that delegates are hitting their personal development goals in a manageable way. Our GROW workshops are designed to help delegates develop their knowledge in a range of areas, whilst being fully interactive and actively involving participants.

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Who’s hosting? 

Maddie Delboy, Head of Regulatory Support – Apricity Compliance

Elliot Date, Regional Account Manager – Fidelity

Aishling Costello, Senior Cashflow Consultant – intelliflo 

GROW: Professional Development (July 22)

What will it cover?

We’ll be discussing the most topical content around, ensuring that you log off feeling enriched and up to date on the current issues facing advisers. As part of our events programme and providing your full CPD for the year, this quarter’s focus will be:

What the FCA is looking for… – Apricity

In this session, Maddie will look at FCA regulatory applications. From Senior Managers (and the dreaded form A), Change in Control and Variation of Permissions, here at Apricity, we are well versed to know exactly what the FCA is looking for in the application process – taking away the guesswork for you! This session is perfect for anyone who has ever considered going directly authorised.

The Monopoly of Markets: A game of chance or strategy? – Fidelity

In the real world, markets are difficult to navigate and much like a game of Monopoly, having a strategy is essential.

In this macro presentation, Fidelity will highlight some of the key investment themes we expect to see in 2022, with a focus on how financial advisers can tactfully achieve ‘board domination’ when building their clients’ portfolios – looking at inflation, regional macro views and even thinking about the future including crypto and the metaverse.

There are some valuable lessons to teach: spread yourself out across the board intelligently, focus on cash flows, be patient, and sometimes it pays to take chance.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact of inflation and central banks’ monetary policies on financial markets, and how to support clients through this.
  • Assess how portfolios should be built in light of this, with a focus on how to protect capital and identify opportunities.
  • Explore future investment trends and assess the impact they may have going forward.

How cashflow planning with your younger client couples can help them prepare for ‘post-work living’ – intelliflo

Every financial planner has been in a situation with a client couple where one of them is more engaged than the other. Often one of them deals with the finances while the other shies away because they are not interested or, more commonly, because they find finance hard to talk about.

The failure to talk about money is a common problem, however, getting your clients to openly talk about money management as a couple is tremendously important.

In this insightful session, Aishling will identify and discuss some of the clear benefits of financial planning as a couple.

  • You’ll discover how to tease information from your clients and help them to open up, to figure out the root cause of their behaviour.
  • How using a cashflow planning tool can help you ask those careful questions which naturally engage individuals in the planning process, enabling both parties to share and compare their goals.
  • How working together can help couples draw pensions tax-efficiently, or extract profits from a family business without paying too much in tax.
  • Ways to take advantage of cashflow planning at a younger age, from preparing for the impact of death and illness, to ensuring estate planning objectives are met, plus making the most of their money so that they can enjoy ‘post work living’ goals.
  • Aish will also explore and debunk some of the most common cashflow planning stereotypes.

When? 12th July 2022
Where? Online
Cost? Free!


Jul 12 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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