Online Assembly x Just: New era in retirement planning workshop

We really pleased to announce that the lovely folk from Just have been beavering away alongside the Parapalanners Assembly to create a workshop especially for Paraplanners. A workshop that welcomes a new era in retirement planning – and paraplanning.

What can you expect?

In this workshop, we’ll split into groups that’ll work through a strategy that will help people to achieve a better retirement and later life, but will also help you fulfil the business and regulatory aspects that need to be considered. We’ll cover the needs of all stakeholders in the planning process and give the opportunity to pause and discuss the issues that are most important to you, your clients and your business.

In these collaborative sessions, we’ll learn how to…

  • Develop a consistent and robust process for clients in decumulation.
  • Recognise the importance of capacity for loss and the process for establishing and communicating this to clients.
  • Discuss the various approaches to producing a sustainable income, the varying underlying assumptions and the role of secure income.
  • Appreciate the place for cash-flow modelling software and other associated tools in helping clients to understand and engage in their retirement plans.
  • Consider the importance of withdrawal policy statements to cover the ‘what if’ elements of retirement.
  • Review and adapt to the changing needs of an ageing client population and recognise the additional steps needed for later life planning.

Join us live on the day to share some ideas, objectives and, most importantly, nail that an action plan for a new era of retirement advice.


Oct 19 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Paraplanners Assembly


Paraplanners Assembly
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