TALK: The Verve View

If you attended Evolution this year, you’ll no doubt remember the Hot Shot sessions. If you weren’t at Evolution, the concept was simple – five top tips delivered in quick-fire format – our audience loved the content and this has inspired us to run a TALK event using a similar format. So, get ready to join us for the final TALK of 2023 – it’s going to be a good’en!

What are we talking about?

We’re splitting this TALK into six 10-minute sections:

Cathi Harrison – Founder and CEO

Cathi will dive into where we have been, and where we are going as an industry – covering what she has seen in 2023, the changes and what still needs to be done going into 2024. She’ll also give an overview of how Verve plays a part in the evolution of financial services.

Jo Campbell – Chief Operations Officer

What can you do to improve and streamline your suitability reports? This has been a hot topic at Verve, and one Jo Campbell spoke about at Evolution earlier in the year. In her session, Jo will look at five things you can take out of a suitability report and still be compliant.

Chrisitan Markwick – Head of Adviser Support

If you could start your business tomorrow, would it look like it does today? Off the back of Consumer Duty, you have an opportunity to really define and refine your service proposition to ensure it meets both your clients and the business’s needs. Christian will share his top tips on how to use this to your advantage.

Alasdair Wilson – Investment Specialist

In light of consumer duty, how do you ensure the investment solutions you are recommending to clients are suitable for their needs? Alasdair will outline the investment landscape and take a look at how a centralised investment proposition can address this alongside streamlining the advice process.

Maddie Delboy – Compliance Manager

Like the ‘Ghost of Compliance Past’, Maddie will guide us through compliance areas of past, present and future, including:

2023 – The implementation of Consumer Duty; Vulnerable Customers; and Standards at ‘The Gateway’ – FCA recruitment and focus on quality and data.

2024 – Consumer Duty – review and closed book implementation; retirement income work; and financial promotions.

Abbie King – Digital Marketing Specialist

Back by popular demand – our Digital Marketing whizz, Abbie King, made her debut at this year’s Evolution and our delegates loved hearing about something different! In this TALK, Abbie will be helping you prepare for 2024 with some tips and tricks on where to focus your efforts within your digital marketing campaigns. From SEO to LinkedIn ads – the options are endless as we move even further into a digital world, don’t get left behind.




Dec 07 2023


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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