The Unsung Aspects of ESG

Over the last couple of years, ESG integrated investing has been covered fairly extensively across the investment and financial services industries. However, much of this coverage and marketing has focused on environmental matters – carbon footprint this; fossil fuels that. But why, you might ask, do some of these ESG integrated funds invest in companies that have very questionable track records in terms of their environmental credentials? The key lies in the S and G, or Social and Governance factors, of a company that qualifies for an ESG integrated fund. In this webinar we will look at how important these are in terms of sustainable investing, and how investors can help make a difference.

Who is hosting?

Ali Wilson, The Verve Group and Kerra Pringle, Tumelo

Ali joined us through The Grad Scheme and with his academic background, he flourished in his role as a paraplanner. Since then he has found a passion for the investment side of finance, which has shifted his role into the creation and development of new services across the wider group, such as the DNA service.

Having originally studied Social Policy and Politics at Bristol University and working overseas in Hong Kong in digital marketing and advertising at global corporations IMG and HAVAS Media, Kerra is now a Partnerships Executive at Tumelo. Tumelo’s platform gives investors and pension members visibility of the companies they are invested in and a shareholder voice on the environmental and social issues those companies are facing.


May 27 2022


11:00 am - 11:45 am


The Verve Group


The Verve Group
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