Trick or Treat your Templates

Advisers and Paraplanners alike are all too familiar with the constant struggles of trying to produce compliant suitability reports that are also catchy, interesting and easy to read. Once that is all in place, it is almost a full-time job in itself making sure they are kept up to date with regulatory changes.

Here at The Verve Group, we have launched a new service that will help you to tick all those boxes, by creating a bespoke suite of templates that can reviewed annually, giving you more time to focus on spending valuable time with your clients.

Hayley, Head of Verve Services and Emma, our Techspert in Paraplanning will be talking about the key aspects that are important to creating great templates, how to keep them as captivating as possible to the reader, a joy to write for your paraplanners and also achieve great feedback from your compliance department.

Who is hosting?

Hayley Rabbets, Head of Verve Services and Emma Perkins, Techspert: Paraplanning

Our experts in all things templates, the ladies specialise in getting to know firms and working with them to build their bespoke templates and also keep up to date with all the regulatory changes to ensure any changes are addressed at the annual review.


How do I sign up?

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Oct 29 2021


11:00 am - 11:45 am


The Verve Group


The Verve Group
01325 952116


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