Our CEO, Cathi Harrison, recently appeared on the Four Word Podcast, hosted by Rebecca Kowalski and Ellie Maletto from Cornerstone Asset Management. Anne Johnstone of Fair Futures Partnership also joined Cathi in this episode aptly named ‘Blazing the Female Trail’. The two guests were paired up based on their successes, ideas and personal stories which have many people considering them inspirational women in financial services.

It’s no secret that Cathi took a leap of faith into the world of finance, setting up on her own in the middle of a recession back in 2009, into an industry known for being predominantly male-dominated. In this podcast, the hosts take a dive into the motivation that led Cathi to leave behind the security of an employed role at the time, and her entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive her as she’s built a group of support business to create real change both within and outside, financial services

“When I started my business in financial services there were very few female leaders in finance for me to look up to, and I think that’s changing a lot.

We still joke about it now, the board meetings were always for men and the girls were on rota to make the tea for the board meeting, and that’s as much as you were allowed to do” – Cathi

As commented on by the hosts, both guests have built paths to success in male-dominated industries – listen as they share their personal experiences of taking on their roles and they discuss what progress has been made in recent times and what more work needs to be done.

This is a truly inspiring podcast, and the spirit booster we could all do with, in the current climate.

A big thank you to Rebecca and Ellie for having Cathi!


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