There are many roles in financial services that you may well have never heard of. Sure, everyone knows what an accountant or a banker is – but behind the scenes of any business in financial services, there’s a variation of people in different roles keeping the cogs turning.

Part of our mission is to shine a light on all opportunities that lie within the sector in order to attract new, fresh faces into an industry they may not have otherwise considered. So, over the next couple of months, we’ll be looking at the less well-known roles within The Verve Group.

First up is the Executive Personal Assistant – a role that we have recently filled with the lovely Amy. Below, you’ll find out what the first two weeks at The Verve Group (and, in the industry) have been like for her.

“The start of my job application at The Verve Group seems so long ago, I was halfway through the recruitment process awaiting to go along to the final stage when the dreaded COVID-19 and lockdown hit. A few months later my trial was booked and the next thing I knew I was sitting at my new desk as Executive Assistant.

As soon as I saw the advert it grabbed my interest and from first glance, I would have never guessed it was a role within finance. The Verve Group blows the stereotype of working in finance out the water, and my welcome has been so friendly & casual without a suit in sight!

My first two weeks have been a fantastic insight into the brand and different companies which make up the group.

Firstly, I was thrown straight into learning about Para-Sols, speaking with all their clients to update the terms of business, a great way to get to know the different companies and the paraplanning services that Para-Sols offer.

Next up was Apricity Compliance – gaining an insight into the client journey from onboarding with the system, to having quarterly and annual reviews with their dedicated consultant.

A task from The Art of Finance then came along to send out lovely postcards to all those who had taken an exam following their training recently and had passed to say well done. Something I have noticed at The Verve Group is that they always deliver on those little things that mean a lot, and that’s to both clients and their employees.

On my first insight of the company, I have found technology plays a massive part and they are either building new or incorporating current software into everything they do to improve and support the world of finance. This even goes down to the online interactive brochures they have on their services. It makes everything so easy, slick, efficient and all can be found or looked into at a click of a button.

I’m really looking forward to learning more at my role here and to sum up… Verve is definitely ahead of the curve!”

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