#FYIFinance is back – this week we spoke to Hannah Scott who went from a Law graduate to Adviser Support for Apricity Compliance. Below, Hannah explains her journey into financial services…

“Looking back to my time at school, I remember choosing my options for GCSEs and immediately realising how limited the options were. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do at college or what college I even wanted to go to. The options I chose were Art and Science which I enjoyed studying and they really helped me develop my creative and investigative nature. Moving onto A-levels I eventually decided on Psychology, Art and Photography. My only problem was, I couldn’t decide on a fourth option; my friend mentioned she was going to do law – so I thought I would join her in doing that (after all I did love an episode of Law and Order!). After my first law lesson, I never looked back and eventually progressed onto a Law degree at the University of Law, Manchester campus.

Fast forward three years and my time at University was nearly up and unlike my peers, I hadn’t even really thought about what I wanted to do next. Everyone knows about the stereotypical jobs to go into with a law degree – paralegal, solicitor, barrister etc, etc blah blah blah. The thing was, those roles just weren’t for me. I was so overwhelmed about choosing the right career for me that I decided to head back home to work in the hotel that I had been working at whilst on home breaks at University.

I remember spending hours trying to find jobs and careers that incorporated my law degree but I just couldn’t find anything. That’s when a family friend recommended I looked at The Grad Scheme. It was the office culture that drew me in straight away, a more chilled back and relaxed atmosphere with dogs in the office, what more could you want? When I applied for The Grad Scheme, there were only paraplanning roles available (I had no idea what a paraplanner was, I’d never even heard of the role until then), but I thought maybe it was time to leave law behind and try something new. To my surprise, they offered me a job in the new compliance firm they were just about to launch, what we now know as Apricity Compliance. A job that required some legal skills with a twist. It was perfect, I was going to be able to use my degree and I was to be the first-ever graduate under the new firm!

I’m approaching my three year anniversary and I’ve never looked back since joining Cathi and the team at The Verve Group. My day to day job consists of a lot of things, no two days are ever the same here and that’s what I love about it. It’s a job where you are constantly learning and let’s face it who doesn’t love to learn new things?! One day I could be talking to an adviser about their business, another day reviewing advice they have given, or even helping someone submit an application to start a firm of their own. It’s crazy to think that three years ago I didn’t have a clue about the financial industry or what a paraplanner was, never mind a compliance consultant!

What I’m trying to say here is, finance isn’t just about money, suits and an old school system. Anyone with any degree and a passion to learn something new can find their way in finance. I did, so what are you waiting for?”

Hannah Scott – Compliance Adviser Support

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