The developer role within financial services is one that is often not thought about, but when you have a forward-thinking group of businesses such as The Verve Group, developers are crucial in making tech dreams a reality. We have recently recruited our own in-house development team and part of that is Naomi, who after completing the Northcoders Bootcamp, decided that a role in financial services would be perfect for her. Below, she tells us more…

“I went to university in Manchester to study English Language and Linguistics, not with any career plan in mind but just because I enjoyed it and I wanted to move away!

After graduation, I got a ‘proper job’ working for an ISO certification and compliance company, scheduling audits, and processing reports. I stayed there for 5 years working my way up to managing the team, but I missed being hands-on and wanted a career I was passionate about. I decided I wanted to work in the public sector and spent 4 years working for Home Office, DBS, and Cleveland Police in operational and project management teams. Working in agile teams on technical projects reignited my interest in coding, I’d dabbled with HTML/CSS and had started (but never finished) multiple online courses over the years, but had never seriously considered a career in IT.

I was reluctant to give up the security of a good job, so coded on a night and weekend and tried to self-study. This was great but I needed more structure, so signed up to complete a part-time degree in Computer Science with UoL. Although this was a step in the right direction, it soon became clear studying and balancing a busy full-time job was going to be difficult, and take me a long time to get a job in the tech industry. I was also sitting in project meetings every day as the only woman in a room full of male ‘experts’ and was getting frustrated that I wanted to be in their position!

I looked around at different options and settled on going to an in-person coding Bootcamp at Northcoders in Leeds. I didn’t even know anything like this was available outside London! I studied hard to prepare and travelled to Leeds for my entry challenge. The next day I took the plunge and handed in my notice, it was a scary move with no new job to go to but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone to make this happen. I attended Northcoders full-time for 3 months, learning everything I needed to know to get my first job as a developer.

The Verve Group was a good fit for me as they’re committed to moving the financial sector forward and investing in tech. I have the opportunity to input into finding solutions for different business and user needs using different technologies. I had already signed up to be a lifelong learner as a developer and love that the financial services industry is the same. Everyone at The Verve Group is passionate about personal development and I’m definitely learning something new every day about how different parts of the business work.

If I had to give a top tip it would be: don’t be scared to change course. I’m a long way off planning my retirement (if I ever get to!) and you spend so much of your life at work, it’s important to go for it and do what you think you might regret not doing. As a career changer, your previous experience is still relevant and you can bring a different perspective to your new role.”

Naomi Todd – Junior Developer

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