With rumours of restrictions and lockdowns abounding again in light of the new Covid variant, people are understandably feeling nervous about what the future may hold. Our We Are Change initiative supports those who are affected by the pandemic, whether they are struggling to find a job, or need a change in career. We provide opportunities for anyone to join financial services as a career with no upfront costs, coaching and supporting the students to achieve their Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

This initiative is only made possible by the support of altruistic individuals and businesses who understand their role as change-makers and look to the future of financial services and the opportunities that a younger, more diverse workforce can provide.

One of our incredible sponsors is Schroders who say: “We are always looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds who have a passion for making clients’ dreams become reality through the creation of a financial plan and supporting the client through their journey with regular reviews. If you are just starting your Financial Planning Career our best in class early career development provision provides you the opportunity to build a life-long career in financial planning. We provide several development journeys to help you become a fully competent financial planner and join our industry.”

Schroders sponsor a section of our adviser module where they can provide students with insight on how they recruit, how they train, and what sets them apart from the rest. As a sponsor, Schroders also gets first access to our talent pool of qualified We Are Change graduates, meaning they stay at the forefront of financial services recruitment. By removing any barriers to entering the profession, particularly financial barriers, we will find motivated, enthusiastic individuals who are ready to help evolve the industry.

Do you want to join Schroders and our other sponsors in making a difference to financial services and pledge your support to those affected by the ongoing pandemic? Find out more here. We currently have a 30-strong cohort going through training, with another 10 starting in January. Your pledge could help, not only the individuals in training, but you would also be opening financial services to new ideas and new developments that could have a wider impact on us all.

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