On our first day at The Verve Group, we are sure we would both have been forgiven for saying that the opportunity to feature on a brand-new national podcast series was not high on our list of expectations… but then again, we were warned that this is not your ordinary graduate job!

And so somehow, we found ourselves with a mic in hand, and new, regular guests onYour Financial Planning Maestro, a new podcast series hosted by Jacqueline Lockie, Certified Financial Planner professional.

A true ‘financial planning maestro’, Jackie’s podcast is aimed at both professional and aspiring financial planners, advisers and paraplanners right across the UK and delves deep into the world of financial services, drawing on the experience of a range of CFP professionals to offer tips and inspiration to those who have just started their journey, or may simply be looking at getting involved, in the financial services industry.

As new entrants to the industry, with no previous background in finance, being asked to feature on a national financial podcast was certainly a daunting prospect, however the opportunity to share the details of the journey into our new roles, first hand, was definitely one that couldn’t be turned down.

Every other month, Jackie invites us to join her on her podcast to discuss the highs and lows of our experiences so far, and to shine a light on some of the different challenges and rewards that we have found pursuing a graduate career in finance.

Whether we are discussing our progress with our Diplomas in Financial Planning, or simply providing updates on our new paraplanner and compliance support roles, we look to share any tips and tricks that we have picked up on our journey so far – and even help to dispel a few of the myths around careers in finance being “boring” along the way!

You can catch up on the first two episodes on the links below. It’s been a truly enjoyable experience and we can’t wait to catch up with Jackie again in December!

James Winship, Graduate Paraplanner, Para-Sols and Megan Wicks, Graduate Compliance Officer, Apricity.


#3: Visiting two new entrants to the financial planning profession

#7: Revisiting our new entrants – sharing useful tips for employers