On the morning of Monday 23rd March, we held a team-wide video call, where I told them I had been pondering over the weekend and come to the conclusion that:

And so, #Project2030 was born, with each of the businesses in The Verve Group beginning to rebuild services and solutions, all with the constant question “how did we think this would look in 2030?”.

Since then, I have come across the Punctuated Equilibrium theory (which I talked about in last weeks webinar) which is the theory of slow, gradual change, occasionally being punctuated by a rapid burst of development and evolution, which is precisely what seems to be happening right now.

Digital and e-signatures are a great example of this. They were already legal and could’ve been used. But very few organisations had moved to embed them. They probably would have by 2030 but, thanks to the current situation, that 2030 progress has been brought forward. I’ve heard of platforms almost entirely rebuilding what they’re doing in house, taking away the manual and putting it online. It would very possibly have occurred gradually over the coming decade. Instead, they’ve managed to do a chunk of it in a month and a half.

And so, on 1st June, we launched our new 2030 services, across all of the businesses, to do this we hosted a live #Project2030 Launch Party online – if you missed out then you can catch up below.

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