Suitability – without a doubt, the keyword in financial advice, across all relationships, between the adviser, the client and the regulator. And yet, such a conceptual, evolving word. One that is open to interpretation and applied in so many different ways. For something so core to what we do every day, you could be forgiven for thinking there was a lot more focus given to clarify exactly what it means, how it looks, and how we can apply it.

But there seemingly hasn’t been… until now!

Introducing our whitepaper, brought to you by The Verve Group leadership team. ‘Suitability: Defining the Undefinable’, looks at Suitability from four different angles, incorporating the views from each of the businesses within The Verve Group (Apricity Compliance, Para-Sols and The Art of Finance).

It’s free to download and you can grab your copy here!

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