What is the reason for studying? Have you ever thought about that question? Usually when it comes to studying for qualifications – even work-related qualifications, it’s all about just getting the information in your head to be able to pass the exam. The exam is the main goal, so you revise exactly what is needed to get that test out of the way.

But is that really the best way to progress? You might have all the knowledge and passed your exam with flying colours, but does that translate into being able to apply that knowledge to the day job?

It’s like learning to drive. During your lessons you are taught the skills and manoeuvres specifically required to pass the test. Once you are in the car on your own having passed successfully, you find that there are a lot of aspects to driving that you have to learn very quickly!

It’s the same once you start work – it can be a bit of a shock when things are not as clear-cut as the case studies or examples that you may know off by heart.

This is why learning practical skills and their application alongside the technical knowledge will help you to become work-ready much faster…

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