And we’re so excited! After being in business for just over two and a half years (the majority of which has been in a global pandemic), we can’t quite believe The Art of Finance bagged the win at last night’s Women in Financial Advice Awards with Professional Adviser.

We couldn’t have done it (literally) without our fearless leader, Cathi Harrison, who took the title of ‘Woman of the Year – Adviser Support Services’. It could’ve been her personal mission to change how training in financial services is perceived, her desire to train and upskill people in an interesting, creative and informative way, or simply her dedication to branded wine glasses that made her stand out from the crowd – we will never know!

But what we do know is, it’s the people who make the difference, and with a fearless leader there usually follows a dedicated, hardworking team, which is just what we have here at The Art of Finance. So, a big thank you in particular to Holly and Erin, who make sure that our students get the most exciting, valuable, creative content to help them achieve their goals.

With our fingers (and toes!) firmly crossed, we were so excited to hear the news last night, corks were popped and the group chat was on overdrive as we all celebrated in style – by that we mean at home in our pyjamas! But, the celebrations have truly begun in the office today, especially after hearing one of the judges comments:

“The Art of Finance is a great initiative, the industry needs to present itself differently to attract new and diverse talent!”

Plus, it is Friday after all!

So, thank you again to Cathi, to the rest of The Art of Finance family and to Professional Adviser, we’re off to make another batch of celebratory mimosas!