Paraphrasing the words of Captain Kirk*, The Verve Group is literally going boldly where no man has gone before. Sort of. We are so determined to be at the forefront of the future of financial services, we are now creating our own… 

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it – we have some new Verve babies to announce!

Firstly, Kim, who I am sure most of you know, (never one to do things by halves) welcomed her beautiful twin girls, Summer and Sadie in May. They are absolutely gorgeous, and Kim has taken it all in her stride. We’re looking forward to the girls being all trained up on our systems and joining the sales team very soon. 

Summer and Sadie

We also have a rather romantic tale to share, one that does indeed end in a lovely baby boy being born. The Verve Group would like to take more credit than usual in this baby’s existence as if it weren’t for The Grad Scheme and Para-Sols, his parents may not have met! Grant, who is one of our longest-serving team members and Rachael who has been here almost as long, had a surprise hospital visit last week and announced that baby Lucas had been born weeks early. Both mother and baby are doing absolutely fine and are settling in at home now – hopefully ‘Grach’ (as they are affectionately known) are already showing Lucas how to complete the perfect suitability report. 

We are so happy for all of the new parents and looking forward to some sneaky cuddles in the office soon! We’re sure you’ll join us in congratulating them all and welcoming the new batch of babies. 

Look out for more next generation news early next year – we have baby Kay, baby Chez and baby Calvert all with a promised delivery deadline of early 2023. Hmmm. We may have to start Verve Creche Services before long…  

*Yes. We know it was Picard in The Next Generation, but he didn’t say ‘no man’. That was Kirk. Go with it!