The Verve Awards

The Thrive Award.

This award represents The Verve Group’s first key mission: to support financial services firms to grow and thrive as the industry develops. We are looking for a firm or individual that has supported the growth of the financial services profession. This could be an advice firm, that has shared their expertise and resources to help other firms. Or a third party that has worked with advice firms to help them flourish, for example by identifying the challenges or opportunities for financial services firms and finding ways to help them handle or maximise on them.

Judging Criteria

  • How does the nominee demonstrate a commitment to developing the financial services profession as a whole and not just their own business/role?
  • Has a demonstrable impact from their activities been achieved?
  • What have been the repercussions of their activities?
  • What have they done or built or created to enable existing financial services firms to thrive?
  • What have they done or built or created to enable new financial services and/or advisers get started?
  • How creative/innovative is the project?


The Attraction Award.

This award represents The Verve Group’s second key mission: to shout about the joys of a career in finance and attract more people into it. Finance can often get a bad rep of being a ‘boring’ profession, but this award celebrates those who have worked to change this perception and have helped drive change – whether this is through internal projects or external initiatives.

Judging Criteria

  • How have they highlighted career options in finance, and how have they driven more people to consider finance as a career choice?
  • What has that done to raise the profile of financial services?
  • Is there a tangible impact demonstratable?
  • Have they found any new approaches to attract people to a career in finance?
  • Have they dedicated time/energy/resources to this?


The Engagement Award.

This award aims to recognise an outstanding team or individual who has developed a creative initiative or project that has taken finance outside of its bubble and put it in the public domain. It’s for those who are helping demystify finance and encourage more people to engage with it, on any level, from education initiatives to drives to encourage more people to seek advice.

Judging Criteria

  • To what extent does the nominee stand out as a champion for the profession?
  • What has been the impact of the nominee outside of financial services?
  • How many people have they managed to make aware of financial services, in any format?
  • How much has the projected contributed/influenced people’s perception of finance?
  • How creative/innovative is the project?
  • How does the activity benefit the future of finance?


The Innovation Award.

To complement this year’s conference theme, ‘Evolution’, this award is for an individual or team who has found a new ‘thing’ or a new way of doing something that has innovated the profession or their own firm. This could be a new product or service launch, some creative bit of technology that is making people’s lives easier, or a fresh take on a process – we’re open to all forms of innovation!

Judging Criteria

  • What problem was fixed, or situation improved, by their innovation?
  • How has that benefited the firm?
  • How has that benefited financial services?
  • Was it a one-off piece of innovation, or does the nominee demonstrate an ongoing commitment to evolution?
  • How does the activity benefit the future of finance?


The Verve Award.

This special award will be given to the company or individual who has embodied the missions being driven forward by The Verve Group. Those that have regularly gone above and beyond to change the face of finance, to break down stereotypes within the profession and encourage innovative, forward-thinking ideas. We will be monitoring activities across financial services to create our own shortlist – but if you feel there is someone that really deserves some recognition, feel free to pop their details below so we can give them a follow


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