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This is where you’ll find top tips on staying healthy at work and at home.

Drink more water

The benefits of drinking water go on and on. Read up on how drinking more water can add perks to your wellness. >> 

Go for a walk – and leave your phone behind!

Whether it’s taking your dog for a stroll, or just popping to the shop – try leaving your phone at home and notice the difference. Do you feel relieved? Free even? Give it a go!

Think positive and think of gratitude!

It’s not easy to think positively 24/7 – sometimes life really does kick you in the face. BUT – research shows, that a healthy¬†positive attitude helps build a healthier immune system and boosts overall health. Your body believes what you think, so focus on the positive.

Start a gratitude diary

Every day, or once a week, write down three reasons you’re grateful. It doesn’t have to be big things – just little pieces of your life that you’re grateful for.

Write down something that is bothering you and then rip up the page that you’ve written it on.

This really works. It’s like throwing away a worry. Sometimes writing things down immediately makes you feel better, simply by getting it out of your mind and in the open – even though no one else will see it.


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