The UK’s education system forces people to learn in certain ways but that may not be the best way we learn at all. Jenny Smyth, Marketing Manager, The Verve Group, ventures to challenge convention.

Coming through the usual school system in the UK can put people off learning for life. If they do not process information in the same way as the majority in their class, they may think that they are not as able as others and may give up trying. In many cases, it is simply that the teaching / learning style in school does not suit them. Once these people have the freedom to choose how to learn, the world of possibilities opens up.

Maybe reading a text and highlighting the important points works for some people when revising, but what if others learn by communicating and discussion? What if being able to choose what time of day to learn is the difference that leads to success? A more personalised approach to learning means that anyone and everyone can be successful, no matter how they may have done in the past.

There are many different types of learning style, including…

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