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We know that sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. It may be to cover a short term gap, such as maternity leave, or it could be because of a temporary increase in workflow. Sometimes it might be about having a buffer, so your existing team doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Other times, you just need some expertise in specific areas that might be rarely raised in your firm (see our whitepaper below!).

Whatever it is, we have a team of dozens of experienced financial services professionals here to help and give you the flexible support you need. We can help with getting your business proposition set up in a compliant and robust way, making it easier for your internal team as well as providing additional resource to help your business thrive.

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From data gathering & valuations, to any client correspondence, illustrations and report paperwork, we’ve got your back through every step of the advice process.

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Experience has taught us that often firms know what is needed, they just don’t have the time to implement it themselves – that’s where we can help.

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File Checking

We know that an external pair of eyes looking at your files can provide valuable insight to help you ensure your firm is compliant from end-to-end.

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Paraplanning Service


We are an award-winning specialist provider of flexible, timely and professional paraplanning and administrative support services to support your firm.

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Wealth managers helping with administration support


Helping you build the blueprint for your business by focussing on your PROD, CIP and Platform Due Diligence and ensuring this is documented effectively.

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One of the paraplanning team calculating significant cost savings

Template Creation

Helping to create you a solid suite of templates to ensure your advice is clearly documented and consistent for your clients and your own team.

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The final proposition document is fantastic! Very clear and infinitely better than anything I could have produced.

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