BUILD: CIP Strategies

Centralised investment propositions (CIPs) are a core part of most advice propositions. In theory, having set, repeatable processes for client investment selection means firms can ensure consistency of advice across all their advisers, create business efficiencies, and deliver better client outcomes. Join us for a morning of learning where the experts will showcase their knowledge on all things CIPs.


Flexible Bond Strategies in New Interest Rate Paradigm – PIMCO

The recent cycle of rate hikes has ushered in a new era for bond markets and interest rates, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors and financial advisers. With bond yields reaching levels not seen in over a decade, there’s a need for a reassessment of investment strategies and portfolios. Financial advisers must navigate this changed landscape, balancing the appeal of increased bond yields with careful risk assessment.

In this session, PIMCO’s Fixed Income Strategist, Gordon Harding, will discuss the importance of adaptability and flexibility in this new paradigm, touching upon how PIMCO’s GIS Income Fund offers a balanced multisector approach to provide consistent income and capitalise on higher yields and potential price appreciation, while remaining resilient in uncertain economic times.

Mastering Centralised Investment Strategies – 8AM Global

Join Paul and Ash as they share insights from their extensive consulting experience, offering a comprehensive exploration of the principles and practices of centralised investment strategies. You’ll learn how to craft bespoke investment propositions tailored to client needs, implement robust frameworks for portfolio construction and management, and leverage technology and automation to enhance efficiency.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the main pitfalls in building a CIP
  • Consider the pros and cons of bespoke investment propositions vs off the shelf solutions
  • Implementing robust frameworks for portfolio construction and management
  • Leveraging technology and automation to enhance efficiency
  • Navigating regulatory considerations and compliance requirements

Building Core Portfolio Strategies – Schroders

In this session, we’ll be joined by Tara Jameson (Co-Manager of Schroders Global Multi Asset Portfolios), who will look at how Schroders build their Multi-Asset views into Core Strategies for client portfolios and how they believe these can serve as a core holding within a CIP.

Tara will take you through the steps to ensure that these core portfolios are diverse across geographies and asset classes and how they utilise in-house thinking to deliver a simple low-cost approach to investing.

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Apr 24 2024


9:30 am - 12:00 pm


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