File checking in a business is generally completed because it has to be done. It’s a chore. One that may not necessarily fall to the same person in the firm every time, as the checks are done as and when they can be fitted in with the important day to day work. Or, if this is the way in which file checking is done at your firm, there may be a few tricks that are being missed… 

Did you know that file checking can also form part of your training and development plan in your firm? Interesting, right? There are several different ways that this might be the case: 

  • The first important point is to ensure that the people expected to do the file checks have had the correct training and are able to spot where things might not be quite right. 
  • Secondly, the file checker may also need some further training in providing feedback in a supportive and encouraging way. 
  • The file checkers may also have suggestions on how to improve your firm’s process to prevent bottle necks and delays for the end client – asking questions and acting on any suggestions will improve your business outcomes! 

Expecting people to be able to check files just because of seniority, or because they have been in the team the longest can be demoralising. Providing proper training initially in all aspects of the file checking role will mean better file checks, but also more content staff and a higher team morale. 

High team morale is also something to keep in mind the other way round – file checks are a good way to assess your employees; any training issues or misunderstandings can be picked up quickly and addressed with the individual. However, it is important to make sure that any errors picked up are managed in an appropriate way. Feedback can be a perfect way to develop your team members. Set targets / KPIs for each stage and encourage people to feel comfortable during file creation. This will lead to fewer mistakes, a more knowledgeable team, and a cleaner, more streamlined process. 

File checks are not just about the end product (although it is obviously important!), thinking about them from another angle will highlight the importance of a great process and set targets in order to develop and motivate your team, leading to the best outcomes for your business. 

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