Finding your perfect match can be a long journey; you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find someone on your wavelength, or who at least appreciates your terrible puns!

It’s the same kind of journey when you are looking to outsource part of your business – especially one as important as paraplanning. We all know that the paraplanners are generally the backbone of any advice firm; taking on all the jobs that free you up to do what you do best – giving advice to clients.

You have to think about how far you want to go; do you want to outsource a certain task (like annual suitability reports), do you need help with technology so your clients receive information in a way that is better for them, or do you simply want to go all in and invite a new paraplanning resource in to be part of your team.

With Para-Sols, you can have any of the above – we can help you with as little, or as much as you need. Your clients will never know the difference. We can personalise your reports to your requirements, we can virtually attend meetings with you, we can provide a seamless service.

You don’t need to kiss too many frogs this year, have a look at our brochure or book a chat with our team to find out more.