Cathi gave the closing keynote speech at Money Marketing Interactive on 29th September. In her session, she led the discussion on what business owners can do to build a culture that matches their business goals and objectives in order to attract, build – and retain – an incredible team.

A company is nothing without a strong, efficient, well-functioning, highly-motivated team. But building one isn’t easy. There’s no simple blueprint for building the perfect team. And the challenge is harder than ever, with flexi-working expectations, plus social media always being there to tempt people into thinking the grass may be greener.

Some points covered in her presentation:

  • How workplace culture as a concept is much more than well-articulated vision, values and behaviours.
  • The importance of authentic leadership.
  • The broader people challenges and how they may impact on a business.
  • The key areas that matter to employees.
  • How to harness their abilities and help them achieve their potential.
  • Some ideas to think outside the box, away from traditional approaches, to build a business for the future.

Watch a short interview with Cathi here about her session.

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