We’ve got not one but two fantastic introductions to make. Please join us in welcoming our newest team members to the paraplanning and administration teams, Jonathan and Helen. Let’s dive into their journeys to Verve, their take on our unique culture, and their aspirations for the future.

First up, we have Jonathan.  So, what brought him to Verve in the first place? It all started with his enrolment in the Regulated Financial Planning Diploma through The Verve Foundation. It was during this programme that he sparked an interest in financial planning, making him eager to pursue it as a career. When the opportunity to join Verve through The Grad Scheme came knocking, he couldn’t resist the perfect chance to learn and develop his skills.

When the call came offering Jonathan the job, he admits to being “A bit lost for words… but then I was really excited for the opportunity ahead!” Having spent a significant amount of time in his previous job, the change was both exciting and unexpected. It didn’t take long for him to embrace the opportunity ahead and dive headfirst into his new role at Verve.

Before joining us, Jonathan had some preconceived notions about the financial services industry, expecting it to be “dry and boring”. However, his experience at Verve shattered those expectations entirely. He was pleasantly surprised by the vibrant atmosphere and the team’s innovative approach.

One of the things that caught his attention during his first week was the unique culture we have. He found it hard to put into words, but he described it as, “very modern and positive, but also a place where people get some serious work done.”

When Jonathan isn’t crunching numbers or planning for financial success, he enjoys staying active and exploring his passions. You can often find him hitting the gym or training in Brazilian Jiujitsu, where he puts his determination and focus to the test. He is also a dedicated Newcastle United fan, cheering on his favourite football team at every opportunity.

Jonathan has shared that he’s genuinely passionate about Verve’s vision and his role within it. The company’s holistic approach to the personal finance industry, covering areas such as planning, compliance, training, and tech resonates deeply with him. It’s a place where he sees himself growing and becoming an expert in financial planning, armed with a broad knowledge that will make him an invaluable asset to the team. His aspirations include working towards becoming a Chartered Paraplanner – and we’re excited to see all that he can achieve!

In his short time at Verve, Jonathan has already been involved in some exciting projects. He witnessed the launch of Dextera, (a big moment for Verve and the team!) and he has enjoyed learning and working through live cases and getting stuck into the nitty gritty details!

As Jonathan looks ahead to his future at Verve, he knows there’s plenty more to come. So, join us in welcoming Jonathan Blackett to the Verve team! With his eye for detail, background in psychology, and passion for financial planning, we have no doubt that he’ll make an indelible impact on our journey towards transforming the world of finance. Stay tuned for more updates and welcome to the team Jono!

Now, let’s turn our attention to Helen, our new administrator. Helen’s background includes extensive experience in a range of finance-related roles, spanning the automotive and engineering industries and even student loans.

During her first week at Verve, Helen noticed a significant quirk in our culture: “No one appears to be better than anyone else. While I appreciate that there is a structure to the company, to speak to anyone, it doesn’t feel like anyone is better than anyone else just because they are higher up the career ladder. It’s all inclusive, and we are all treated the same.”

We asked Helen what excites her most about her role and she commented: “It feels like a relatively new company after their recent consolidation, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows. I think that there are lots of plans in the background that I’m excited to be part of.”

As for her aspirations at Verve, Helen is open to the learning and growth opportunities that lie ahead. She aims to get to know plans from various providers really well and keep learning and developing. Who knows where this journey might lead one day?

And what does Helen like to do outside of work? As an avid runner, when she’s not elbow-deep in charges and provider calls, she can be found pounding the pavements in training for her next race!

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Helen on board, and we can’t wait to see how she adds her unique touch to our team. Welcome to you too Helen!


Naomi Graham, Communications Lead

The Verve Group