We’re celebrating the ways paraplanners bring more than festive cheer to an advisory business…

It’s that time of year when you see firms frantically trying to finish cases and sign reports off before the festive break. Requesting extra resource to wrap everything up (ha – it’s a wrapping present pun) means that this is a particularly busy time for both admin and paraplanners alike.

But much like the busy magical elves they are, it’s not just about frantic action while counting down to the big day, paraplanners and their admin counterparts have their heads down every day, getting the best options to complement the recommendations given by advisers, creating engaging reports and yes – holding on the phone to providers for hours and hours. I wonder who has the best hold music? Maybe that’s a poll for next year… But I digress. Paraplanners (and admin!) are important all year round – not just for Christmas. Let me show you why:

They give the gift of time

Paraplanners and admin can take on all the jobs that advisers don’t necessarily have the time to do. They can provide the research, write up the report, chase providers for information and so on while advisers spend more time with the client or on aspects of their role that only they can do. Meaning advisers can allocate their time wherever it makes most sense.

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