What might 2023 have in store? Are the good times about to roll?

Approximately 3 minutes ago I wrote a few words on what I thought 2022 held for us all in financial services. About a minute and a half later, I wrote a mid-year review. And yep, it’s been mere seconds, and somehow we’re at the end of the year and I’m reflecting back.

Some of the themes I expected, and very much happened, were around ESG and Consumer Duty. They have both been extremely vocal this year. The sentiment seems to be that Consumer Duty is being very robustly embraced. And ESG will go one of two ways; there’s those who think we’ve barely scratched the surface, and those who feel it has been done to death and there’s no further to take it. We shall see where that goes.

Another theme I predicted for 2022 was around the progress of technology advancement in finance and this is where my crystal ball needs a tap or two to sharpen it up. I had seen a number of businesses – including ourselves – working on tech in late 2021 and anticipated a raft of them coming to market in 2022. I did, however, forget to factor in Hofstadter’s Law, which states that a project always takes longer than expected, even when the law is taken into account, and which appears to apply universally to tech projects.

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