The journey into finance isn’t often a straightforward one – it’s usually full of unexpected twists and turns with many just ‘falling’ into the industry. On a recent episode of The Adviser Tech Show with Tessa Lee of moneyinfo, our CEO & Founder Cathi Harrison recently shared her own story of her early days, and although some would say she didn’t quite ‘fall into finance’ in the same way many others did – an ex-boyfriend, an unexpected inheritance and a newspaper full of job ads still makes for an interesting story. ‘Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected’ (Faith Sullivan) and this road led Cathi to discover her passion for running her own business.

The podcast covers the motivation, thought process and moments of enlightenment during our recent transformation to consolidate our much-loved brands, and openly shares how it was “a pain worth going through”. During the conversation with Tess, Cathi talks about this phase of her career and how she’s found a new “passion [in] running a business and working with business owners” because “seeing [the training of new advisers through the Art of Finance] and knowing first-hand the challenges business owners face, giving them that support and flex to help them grow bit by bit feels really nice – that [we’ve] kind of enabled that”. Cathi also spoke about how “to complete the restructure, we were building a brand-new piece of tech.”, this piece of tech is what we now know to be Dextera.

“I am a fan of innovation, of changing, I actively feel uncomfortable if things stay the same,” Cathi explained to Tessa her journey into financial services and the importance of recruiting new faces. The 30-minute podcast deep-dived into the challenges the industry is currently having and Cathi’s progressive thoughts to push through these problem areas and create a more inclusive industry that thrives on new talent.

“I’m also feeling like we’ve barely scratched the surface, if I’m honest. I think there’s a hell of a lot more to be done and I’m happy to do it.” Cathi told Tessa as she uncovers her plans for the future within The Verve Group and The Verve Foundation.

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Abbie King, Digital Marketing Specialist

The Verve Group