A little over two weeks ago since our very own Cathi Harrison, CEO & Founder of The Verve Group, was crowned Tees Businesswoman of the Year! It’s been a whirlwind fortnight filled with celebrations and achievements, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the good news with you. 

The Verve Group has been on an incredible journey, growing from a small paraplanning sole-trader venture (with Para-Sols back in 2009) into a full-service support provider with over 50 dedicated employees, a dedicated graduate programme and a not-for-profit organisation, The Verve Foundation and more recently the launch of our new technology – Dextera™. And what’s even more remarkable is that we’ve done this completely independent of investment – scaling organic growth and expanding our service offering by responding to the ever-changing needs of firms by reinvesting our profits.

Cathi’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in our evolution. She’s not only a tenacious leader but also a trailblazer, reshaping the financial landscape in our own unique way. Her recent success in signing a deal with a FTSE 100 company is a testament to the quality and depth of the business that originates here in the North-East. 

In her own words, Cathi said, “It’s unbelievable to win this – you might as well be saying ‘Actress of the Year’! It’s not resonating yet – it’s not sunk in.”  

We caught up with some of our team members about what it’s like to work at here and under Cathi’s leadership. They’ve shared their thoughts, and it’s the perfect way to showcase what makes this place so special. 

Pete, Paraplanner Manager: “I really enjoy the fast-paced environment, no two days are the same – we’re sure to ‘work hard, play hard’. I’ve learnt so much from Cathi – about paraplanning and about business overall and having been here almost 10 years, it’s been incredible to see how the businesses have transformed over that time. I feel like I continue to grow and develop, and I’m now helping to manage the biggest department in the company.” 
Laura, Designer: “Colleagues quickly become friends here, and everyone always has each other’s back – both at work and outside the office environment. Personally, I love Verve’s flexible and hybrid working approach – with a new puppy on the way, it’s invaluable for me maintaining a great work-life balance.” 
Stacey, Product Designer: “With its open-plan and dog-friendly office, company parties, flexible and hybrid working approach, regular well-being sessions – Verve doesn’t feel like a workplace, but more like a community.” 
Anita, Administrator: “If you put in the hard work, everyone is rewarded in return – work hard, play hard. The benefits are fantastic, you’ll be working with amazing people, and there is always something exciting happening to keep you engaged.” 
Cheryl, Product Manager: “It’s chaotic in the best possible way. You’re always kept on your toes but it’s a collective achievement and always worth it to see all the endless possibilities available for both you and the business.” 
Becky, Paraplanner: “Verve is the kind of place where you are happy to bump into your colleagues outside of work.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Becky… 

These testimonials truly capture the essence of Verve – a culture that were incredibly proud of and one which drives the accolades and achievements which won Cathi, and us, the Tees Businesswoman Award. It’s not just a workplace; it’s a vibrant, dynamic, and supportive community who enjoy pushing boundaries to achieve our company mission. 

So, as we continue to celebrate Cathi’s incredible achievement – let’s also celebrate our unique company culture, our talented team, and our shared vision of making a mark in the world of finance. Cathi is an inspiration to us all, and her unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers in the industry continues to inspire us all and drives us to keep striving for excellence. 

Congratulations, Cathi, and cheers to many more successes on our Verve journey! 🎉🚀 

The Verve Group