Happy expanded office day to us! (catchy huh?!)

Our journey to this day has been a slightly rocky one, with everything that the world has thrown at us in the past couple of years.

Jan 2020 

We moved into huge new offices, 6,200 square feet, and were excited but a little bit nervous at taking on such a huge commitment. We were half the size team that we are today, and taking the entire top floor of a huge building felt like the biggest, scariest step we’d ever taken.

March 2020 

Then, a short two months later, lockdown happened – we got sent home and the lovely new offices weren’t being used. We were all left wondering what on earth was going to happen next and whether we had made a mistake taking on this massive new office space!


Less than two years later… not only did we survive Covid and all its implications – but we built and grew, to the extent of absolutely filling the 3rd floor and now we’re embarking on the next stage of growth and expanding onto a whole new floor.

Each time we move offices (or, in this case, take on additional space) I have a profound sense of just how far this business has come; they’re such momentous milestones and also so indicative of the future. We always move into bigger space, meaning that initially we’re always rattling around a little bit. It’s kinda the point of the move – to create that space! However, time and time again, what we’ve then done is thrived and grown and filled the space – then reaching the stage that we need even more! And it makes me so, so proud.

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of years – for literally everyone – but I always find an office move / expansion a moment to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come, and how exciting the future looks for us. It’s all down to the amazing team and clients at The Verve Group UK and I couldn’t be luckier or more proud.

In true Verve style, we’ll be celebrate this amazing milestone today with lots of fizz, and a rather questionably decorated cake, (by yours truly!)

On to the next chapter 🥂