As you might have seen from our flurry of social media activity, January was an exciting month, jam-packed with announcements from The Verve Group. 2020 marks a flagstone year for our group of businesses, one in which we hope to share lots of relevant resources, new events, updates to our bespoke technology (with our new in-house developers!) and generally just offer world-class support to our clients

Anyway, we thought we’d give you a quick round-up of our exciting news – just in case you missed it…

New Offices

First up, we’ve had a change of scenery to start the year, with the move to our lovely new offices. Not only have these given us beautiful views of the North Yorkshire Moors, but it has also provided each brand with the much-needed room to grow!
If you fancy a nosey at our new space and a chance to have a glass of fizz with the team, then why not join our Open Day and Networking event on 13th Feb 2-4pm. Click here to book.

New Eclipse

In the New Year, we also rehomed our weekly newsletter ‘Eclipse’ to The Verve Group. Its original purpose was to be a round-up of compliance news (from Apricity), but has, somewhat inevitably, stretched into a round-up of all things happening in finance, and in business generally. And so, it made perfect sense that it is shifted up a level to be a collection of musings from The Verve Group and across all of financial services as a whole, not just regulation as it once was. If you’re not already signed up to receive Eclipse, click here and get involved!

Suitability Whitepaper & Events

2020 will also see the launch of our brand new Suitability Whitepaper, followed by a series of events. Both the events and the whitepaper will address the topic of Suitability and what it actually means, looking at it from a range of angles; from your research process to your suitability reports. From compiling a compliant file to delivering training that ensures everyone is delivering the same message. We will look at the various components of a modern financial advice firm and question what suitability looks like in each of them. Click here to sign up to receive our whitepaper as soon as it’s released.

Industry-Wide Events Calendar

We also launched our new industry calendar – which offers a place to pull together all events that are happening in finance – so if you have a bit of spare time one day, you can easily see what events might be happening near you and get yourself along. It also allows a free platform to promote your event (no we mean it, completely free!) – so, if you have an industry event you want to share, then click here to add it to our calendar.

Annual Conference

An announcement that we were VERY excited to share was our first Annual Conference and Awards. Taking place on 3rd June, the theme of the conference is Evolution. The world of finance has evolved hugely over the last decade, with new initiatives, culture shifts and progress in changing that face of finance (which is what The Verve Group are all about!) Check out our amazing speaker line-up and book your early bird tickets here.

The Verve Awards

Alongside our Conference, we also have our first Verve Awards. The Verve Group’s mission is to change the face of finance by encouraging new talent into the profession and showcasing different faces and careers. With that in mind, we wanted our awards to reflect this mission – which is why they are like no other in the industry, in that you cannot self-nominate, nor nominate your own firm or people within your business. We want to see people shining a spotlight on the good that they are seeing. Whether this is individuals, teams or firms, new initiatives or just setting a shining example. If you see something that you think benefits finance and the wider public collectively and you think the brains behind it deserve to be recognised for it, then click here and share the love.

That Mint Podcast

The last piece of our puzzle was the launch of our brand-new podcast – That Mint Podcast. Hosted by our very own Cathi Harrison and Jo Campbell, this is not your usual finance podcast. We want to bridge the gap between financial services and those individuals outside of the industry – so, please share it with friends, family and even your new clients, to show them that finance can actually be a little bit interesting, and dare we say, fun!
Click here to check out a first 3 episodes, and don’t forget to subscribe and review if you like what you hear.

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