Hello, hey, hi! It’s a rare takeover by the development team here at Verve HQ! In the spirit of #NationalCodingWeek, we’ve (ironically) taken a few minutes away from building tech to look back at what brought us into the world of technology, what we do each day and how we share a common vision of creating to make a difference.

There’s constant talk of technology replacing people, but we believe technology should supplement people. Subsequently, we build tech that helps people to work more efficiently. Right now, we’re helping financial advisers to reimagine how they manage their clients, handle paraplanning and monitor the training and competency of their firm through a new piece of tech that we’re building from the ground up.

But why? What difference does it make?

We use digital skills like programming (specifically, we use PHP, Javascript and Linux) to build technology for our clients, financial advice firms and their team. Specifically, we help advisers to deliver better financial advice, faster, to more clients. Our technology gives advisers a way to safely outsource their advice cases, improve their knowledge of financial services and access support from our team.

Subsequently, our help to advisers allows them to provide a greater level of help to their clients and their finances.

Let’s check in with a few of the team that are with us on our mission to change the face of finance:

Oliver Reeves, Senior Web Developer

I initially learned to code as a teenager where I built small websites as a hobby, and eventually pursued a degree in Linguistics at Newcastle Uni (with a focus on computational linguistics!). After graduating, working in the US for a short while, and founding my own software platform, it’s been fantastic to return to my hometown of Darlington and join The Verve Group as a Senior Developer – it’s great to be part of such a supportive team of developers where we’re all working collectively to change the face of finance.

Mohsin Ali, Web Developer

I am a mid-level web developer and I’ve been part of the team at The Verve Group for just under 5 months. A typical week starts with a collaborative team meeting on Monday morning where we discuss the progress that was made the previous week and setting goals for the coming week. As a team we tend to develop using the PHP framework Laravel to do all our back-end logics and VUE JS to do all the front-end aspects. Throughout the week the team has regular meetings to discuss progress and any potential problems we have come across, which helps keep us all on the same page.

I have always had a growing interest in tech from an early age. I studied Computer Networking and Programming at Northumbria University where I got a thirst for programming. I like the challenge that developing software brings which is what has got me into tech/developing.

Angus Murray, Junior Web Developer

I’m a graduate web developer for The Verve Group and I build fin-tech utilising PHP Laravel and Vue 3. My journey with tech started with a love of gaming and eventually my uncle helped me build my first of many, gaming PC. I went on to study software development at university and after a difficult time with Covid I landed this job and became part of a supportive and constantly expanding team.
We have tri-weekly team meetings focusing on outlining work for the coming the week and organising which members of the team need help or support with their work. We develop our work using PHP Laravel and Vue JS and I work closely with our design team to make sure our code matches up with the designs and to ensure the user experience is as good as it can be.