Say hello to Abbie, the newest member of the Verve team! 🌟 She’s our Digital Marketing Specialist and she’s about to shake things up in the best possible way. Let’s dive into Abbie’s world and get to know her a bit better because, trust us, she’s a force to be reckoned with!

Abbie is not your average digital marketing whiz. She’s a recent graduate from The University of Salford, where she was all about Theatre and Performance Practice. But don’t be fooled by her thespian roots—Abbie’s got serious marketing mojo. After finishing up her studies in 2021, she jumped right into a gig at a digital marketing company, flexing her sales muscles and discovering the impact of SEO. That’s when she caught the digital marketing bug and knew she had to do it full-time. And hey, she’s not one to sit still either! When she’s not slaying the digital marketing game, she’s rocking it as a freelance graphic designer, nailing it as a nail technician, and even running her own youth theatre group. Phew, talk about a powerhouse!

When asked about how Abbie felt about getting the job offer, she said:

“I was over the moon! I was so excited to begin my journey with Verve, they are so forward thinking and I couldn’t wait to begin reflecting that in their digital space.”

She confessed that she did have some wild ideas about what Verve and the financial services industry would be like – picturing a world of suits, ties, and stuffy boardrooms.

“As someone who has never worked in anything in the financial service industry, I was terrified that I had no idea what I was doing – however, the way Verve is constantly staying ahead of the curve with their forward thinking. I was worried I was going to be wearing heels and blazers all day but I’m so thankful that Verve could not be further from that.”

Since joining Verve, Abbie has already dived headfirst into some big projects. She took the stage during Grad Day, taking over our Instagram account like a true boss – showcasing her skills and creativity while embracing Verve’s commitment to recognising and supporting new talent. She’s currently cooking up some incredible content for our new website, and she’s got her eyes set on Evolution 2023 – watch this space!

So, what’s next for Abbie at Verve? Well – she’s got big dreams of boosting our socials and creating a kickass community where people from the world of finance can connect in a safe and engaging space. And if you’re lucky enough to join the Verve team, Abbie’s got a little advice for you…

“Don’t worry or stress because it is the most warming environment for anybody to join. I feel very grateful to be given the opportunity to work for such an amazing company that is so holistic in its approach to employment.”

So, let’s give a round of applause for Abbie, our Digital Marketing Specialist extraordinaire! We’re thrilled to have her on our team, and we can’t wait to see her work her marketing magic at Verve. 🎉

Naomi Graham, Communications Lead

The Verve Group