We love starting off the year with good news to share, and we’re lucky to have lots of new changes at Verve to shout about! Starting with a shake-up in our compliance team.

We’ve recently welcomed two great new additions to the team, Julie and Salina, as well as celebrating the progression of existing team members, Alanis and Maddie.

You’ll be no stranger to Maddie; she’s been our face and voice of all regulatory matters for almost the last three years. Although the FCA and their ever-changing requirements (hey Consumer Duty!) kept her busy enough, six months ago she was officially promoted to Compliance Manager. Since then, she’s done a grand job of moulding a new-look compliance department, including making new hires, as well as training and mentoring existing roles, to ensure our clients receive the very best compliance support.

Alanis – another familiar face – has in the last few months transitioned into a Compliance Consultant role. She’s taken a natural leap from her previous roles in regulatory support and file checking, and over the past few months has been nose-diving into extensive client interactions, training initiatives and other consultancy services. Her proactive approach and dedication to excellence is clear for all to see as well as her influence in reshaping our team’s capabilities and client engagement strategies.

Let’s introduce the first of our new starters, Julie – our recently appointed Compliance Consultant. Julie is no stranger to financial services – she’s held several management, compliance and advisory roles and was previously a director of a directly authorised firm. An IFA for 16 years (where she held the compliance and MLRO function), and a volunteer governance advisor to a charity board of trustees, Julie is well placed in understanding first-hand the needs and challenges that firms face. In the 3 months that she’s been with us, her approach to pragmatic support and guidance is already proving a hit with our clients.

We asked Julie what made her want to make the leap and come to the support side with Verve  and she said “The opening line of the job advert grabbed me because it was so different to any other compliance role I had seen.” She doesn’t believe compliance is a checkbox on a form; it’s a way of life – a culture in itself – which is exactly how we see it too! She added – “I could see that Verve are wanting to change financial services for the better and pave a way for people who may never have thought they could either work in the industry or use an IFA to be able to do so.”

Her enthusiasm and wealth of experience has already elevated our approach to compliance in the short time that she’s been with us, and we’re excited to see her help our firms ace their compliance game.

And finally, we welcome Salina, our most recent addition to the compliance team as a File Checker. She brings a wealth of experience to her role having previously worked for Lloyds Bank as a Financial Adviser, and as a self-employed Mortgage and Protection Adviser so she’s no stranger to the advice process.

Salina said she found herself drawn to the vibrancy of Verve: “I liked the way the job advert came across – colourful, a bit fun – a great place to work! It really appealed to my inner self!” Salina’s enthusiasm is contagious, and with a background in the financial industry and a keen eye for detail, she’s geared up to ensure our firm’s files are not just compliant but engaging.

“I love the dynamic of the office. The thought that goes into looking after the team is immense. It’s clear Verve value their people – that if you nurture and look after their wellbeing then people respond positively and want to do their best for the company. It really works!”

Whilst Julie and Salina are relatively new to the team, they’ve settled into their new roles with ease and their dedication and eagerness to service our clients, and contribute to Verve’s success is evident already.

The compliance team is stronger than ever – embracing a future where compliance isn’t merely a requirement but a guiding principle.


The Verve Group