Consider 2024 officially kicked off! In true Verve fashion we came together as a team for our annual Kick-Off event.

The day helps to inspire the team by bringing everyone together in one room (which, if you know our team, doesn’t happen very often with remote and hybrid working!) as we spend the entire day learning about our future goals,diving into financial advice and juggling! Our team are our biggest asset, which is why we make sure they are kept in the loop with the future of Verve and what that means to them as we evolve together.

We kicked off the day with a session from Cathi about the future of Verve and how our brand-new piece of tech – Dextera fits into that. If you haven’t heard about our new business dashboard then you should probably catch up here!

The Importance of Financial Wellbeing

We welcomed a familiar face and cherished client – Sam Secomb. Founder of Women’s Wealth, an innovative unbiased financial advice and coaching service that specialises in empowering women to create financial futures for themselves. Sam is an award-winning adviser on a mission to democratise unbiased financial advice for women, both as investors and as financial planners.

She spent her sessions giving the team insight into the impact our services have on her and her business sharing some moving case studies from her clients, as well as practicing what we preach and providing the team with some personal financial tips. There was so much food for thought in just those sessions alone – thanks so much, Sam!

The Art of Brilliance

We also welcomed positive psychologist, Martin Burder from The Art of Brilliance. Martin is quite something. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, with a passion for wellbeing and an authentic approach that creates change in people’s lives. Blending hard-hitting truths with hilarious anecdotes, Martin motivated the team with an inspiring sense of their capacity for achievement and change. Oh, and he manages to do this without using any big words or fancy jargon!

From making a mint polo move with just our minds to believe we can juggle, the team have walked into the office today with a re-energised spring in their step. Some may say with ‘verve’…

“Kick-off day was a great opportunity to bring the entire team together, reflect on the past year, and get excited about what’s to come! I really enjoyed hearing from Sam about how her advice has had a positive impact on people’s lives, and from Martin about how to stay optimistic throughout the year. Plus, I loved the addition of the inflatable dartboard at this kick-off!” – Ollie Reeves, Head of Development

“It was good to get together with everyone outside of the office as, generally, everyone is busy, and we don’t really get the chance to mingle / fully appreciate what everyone does in the business until something like this comes along. I also found Sam’s first session particularly good with the real client case studies as I found it very interesting as we never really see or hear the impact on the end clients. I can sit for days coming up with a proposition for a firms’ client segmentation and investment proposition, but it always stops with the adviser and never get to see the full impact of what I’m doing.” – Alasdair Wilson, Investment Specialist

“I always love our internal Kick Off day because not only is it a chance to get everyone together to talk all things Verve, but after the Christmas break it’s the perfect way to really get the brain back into work mode for the new year. Like everything else we do, it’s always the right balance of professionalism and looking at our combined focus and targets for the coming 12 months, whilst also being super engaging, light-hearted and fun!”– Jamie Head, Client PA

Our Annual Charity for 2024

Each year we vote for our annual charity, this past year we have been raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and we ended up raising £1413! An amazing amount for a wonderful cause. This year our team voted, and we will be raising money for Dogs Trust. A charity close to many hearts here at Verve, especially as we’re known for office dogs.

Kick-Off is the best way to start the year at Verve as we welcome new ideas and encourage new friendships to help build a stronger workforce. Here’s to 2024!


Abbie King, Digital Marketing Specialist

The Verve Group