There ain’t no party like a Verve Group partyyyyy!

The Verve Team jumped on a bus and travelled down the road to Kip and Nook in our finest Christmas jumpers to celebrate another phenomenal year of hard work and determination. Our annual Christmas event also gives us the opportunity to shout about members of our team who have gone above and beyond this year with our Team Verve Awards.

We had some great workshop activities to begin the day as our team split into groups to take part in chocolate truffle making, mixology class or Christmas decoration making. All of these were a huge hit, and a few family members may be getting some pretty good gifts this year!


As always, our awards are the primary focus of the evening, they all are based on our company values to showcase how these individuals are embodying all things Verve.

Drum-roll please, here are the finalists and winners of 2023!

Grant has been described as ‘one of the most dynamic members of the team’ by his colleagues and this last year has proved it! A positive role model to those around him, he has a great attitude towards everything – whether that be flexing between roles, smashing event hosting out the park and all the while continuing to find the time and energy to innovate our templates and always suggesting new efficiencies.

There’s nothing that Laura can’t turn her hand to – we’ve seen so much of her creativity in many parts of the business this year. From her usual marketing collateral and brand creations (oh hey Evolution!), right the way through to web design and even more recently, build. She’s forever on hand to make the inevitable quick live-time changes, and even when working at the speed of light, her quality of work is unrivalled.

Stacey is a designer at heart but is truly a jack-of-all-trades! Earlier this year, if she wasn’t designing the Dex interface, she was volunteering to take client calls as part of our ‘Dex-perts’ support team during its launch. And as that’s not enough, she’s also an active wellbeing champion, proactively shadows other areas of the business and is a trusty member of the events team! Stacey wasn’t able to join us on the night of the awards as she’s currently enjoying her honeymoon as the new Mrs. Bradley – so double congratulations to her!

During the Dextera change-over, Becky volunteered to be part of the ‘Dex-perts’ support team – a small group of people to be the face of the transition, and she absolutely shone during this time. She spoke to clients, gave demos, supported firms through the changeover and spent hours of her life downloading files as part of the migration process. Clients and colleagues alike all praised Becky for her patience and she proved she a natural at client service support.

The growth of Alanis this year has been incredible – she approached 2023 with such a mature outlook and has been ‘wherever she is needed’ to support the business. She never shies away from a challenge and genuinely gets a kick out of learning new things. Feedback from colleagues has been nothing short of amazing and it’s a delight to see her make her new role her own.

Graham has been described by his colleagues as ‘our hero’. He consistently delivers high-quality code and works closely with others to get the right solution. He’s personally committed to his development and this year has completed dedicated training to ensure the maintenance and longevity of Dex. He often steps forward to run team meetings, QA sessions and is always on hand to quickly resolve bugs and hot fixes. Oh, and always first in line of volunteers for all wellbeing and team activities.

What Hayley has achieved with The Verve Foundation in this last year is no one’s business! She has fully taken the (reindeer) reigns – developed some of the most meaningful partnerships and has inspired and mentored some of the most talented minds that we get to grace our industry with. And not only that, but because of her work we’re now in desperate need of a new awards tree…

What can we say? Dextera might have never got off the ground if Ollie hadn’t stepped up and into his leadership role with aplomb, vigour (and dare we say) verve. He took what was a huge challenge for so many reasons and turned it into the amazing spectacle we all get to benefit from, using his wit, guile, and incredible innovation to create and maintain an amazing piece of software.

A massive well done to all our winners and finalists as well as the entire team for a great year! It’s been a pretty busy one with our brand-new tech launch and we’re so proud of the entire team for their continued efforts to make it the best it could possibly be. Here’s to a great 2024!

The Verve Group